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Exchange Server Get-Mailbox

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You can use this CMDlet either in on-promise or on cloud exchange server and there no limiations for that. Use the Get-Mailbox cmdlet to view mailbox objects and attributes, populate property pages, or supply mailbox information to other tasks.

When you use the Get-Mailbox cmdlet in on-premises Exchange environments to view the quota settings for a mailbox, you first need to check the value of the UseDatabaseQuotaDefaults property. The value True means per-mailbox quota settings are ignored, and you need to use the Get-MailboxDatabase cmdlet to see the actual values. If the UseDatabaseQuotaDefaults property is False, the per-mailbox quota settings are used, so what you see with the Get-Mailbox cmdlet are the actual quota values for the mailbox. ... xchange-ps

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